Dr. Harvey Rice, Jr & First Lady Thursday Rice


It was one Thursday evening after Bible study in 2008. Bishop Lockett called then Minister Rice into his office. This was nothing new.  Having served him for many years, Minister Rice figured he needed him to travel with him or take care of some issue.  But, everything changed when Bishop Lockett said, ”The church in High Point is empty. I want you to go over there and build it up.” Minister Rice’s initial response was “yes sir”, however, there were a thousand thoughts in his mind: Why now? Am I ready? What will Thursday say? What will people think? Can I do this? Then Bishop Lockett said, “Check with your wife. I believe you will do well.”  It was the Apostolic order he knew he needed.  He was excited to know his Pastor had a Word from God concerning their future and that he had sent them out to expand the Kingdom.  So a few weeks later, the initial eight selected and sent members had a meeting in the cold vacant fellowship hall of 1756 Lamb Ave.  Today here we are with many more.  To learn more about our beloved leadership, click on the buttons below.