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The following are books authored by Senior Pastor Harvey Rice, Jr and First Lady Thursday Rice.

The Principles of the Sheep Dog


In this book, Dr. Rice takes a closer look at the people that make up our congregations, workforce, and families. Who are they and what phase of growth are they exhibiting? Dr. Rice encourages leaders to identify and properly position their people by analyzing the movements of some of the most amazing dogs in the world, Sheep Dogs. Revolutionize your team by identifying your Herding Dogs, Drovers, and Livestock Guardian Dogs. In this project, we will use the attributes of these canines to teach you how to bring out the best in the people you lead and the leaders you serve.

99 Not So Secret Secrets For a Fun and Successful Marriage


First Lady Rice has authored a book filled with 99 awesome secrets to aid you in making your marriage successful.  This is a fun and easy read that challenges your to communicate and make your marriage better.